Communion Table

We’re a group of believers who are journeying faith-life together through conversation, community, and connection.

At the outset of Crosspoint’s existence, our church leaders were often asked, “Why would you want to start a new church in Abilene when there are already so many?”  Our answer was, “Even though there are a lot of churches in Abilene, there are still people who are not part of a ‘church.’ We want to start a church that looks, thinks, and practices differently so that maybe more people can find faith and an expression of their faith-life in community.”

Crosspoint Fellowship exists to help people discover Christ and reach their full potential in God.”

We are continually evaluating what it means to be the kind of church which provides a place of belonging for people who might not otherwise participate in faith communities.

It is our hope that this website will provide an avenue for continued conversation, that it will act as an extension of our community, and that it will serve as a way for people to connect to Crosspoint and its purpose of making a difference in the lives of others.

May you find the God of the journey, and may the God of the journey find you.