When we first began talking about starting a church in Abilene we wanted to be a church that put others first. In order to demonstrate the heart of that idea we waited one month before we ever took an offering and then gave the entire offering to missions.

From that moment forward, we have sought ways to be a missional church.  We believe being missional includes a personal way of living that pays attention to the needs of others, and a corporate effort to make a difference in the lives of people in the global community  – both spiritually and physically.

We currently find ourselves in Abilene’s Downtown district. As a community intent on living missionally, the question being asked is “How will we positively influence this area while we are here?” This question and more has led to our #DwellDowntown initiative, characterized by Crosspoint’s purposeful engagement with the people, businesses, streets, and events of Downtown Abilene. Below is a video highlighting Crosspoint’s “Downtown Tours.” Over the course of several months, members have been walking around Downtown during the Conversation Hour in the hopes of receiving inspiration for more ways we can take part in Downtown Abilene life.