Often the busyness of people’s lives gets in the way of us having time as a community to discuss the things that are important to us.  One of the distinctives of Crosspoint is a simple structure – we desire to be the church rather than having to be at the church various times throughout the week.

Therefore, each Sunday at 9:30 we take time to be a community and have discussions related to needs and ministries in our community.

One conversation group is consistent and happens every Sunday: sermon conversation.  The sermon conversation is intended to initiate thought and discussion around the scripture and/or ideas that will be discussed in that morning’s sermon.

As needs arise, other groups are announced or form spontaneously.  For example, we have had college ministry discussions, people who meet to organize curriculum for children, a Spiritual Formation for Lent conversation, and multiple gatherings of folks who just want to sit and have a nice cup of coffee and some friendly interaction.

One other semi-regular conversation is the membership class conversation. The membership class is offered at that time for those who are interested in joining Crosspoint. If you are interested in taking our membership class or you simply have a question about our Conversation hour, feel free to contact us with any inquiries.