Listen to Jerry, the founding and current senior pastor of Crosspoint, share the story of Crosspoint’s birth and formation. Discover what it means for a church to journey through Abilene, TX as a truly nomadic church, focused on community and relationships rather than buildings and programs. Hear Jerry share stories about some of the most important and formative moments in Crosspoint’s 8-year history, as well as share some of his dreams for the future. In his words, “Crosspoint is a community that seeks to be attentive to God’s leading in the world around us and to join with God in that work.”


Watch the Rogers family share the story of their journey with Crosspoint. Listen to them as they discuss what it means to be a church without a building to call its own in downtown Abilene, highlight some of the major differences between their past experiences of church and Crosspoint, and share their dreams for the future.


Meet the Taffs! Listen to one of our longest standing families talk about how they found Crosspoint. The whole gang discusses what they love about their church family and how Crosspoint’s journeying tendency has helped shape the church’s sense of calling and mission with each location change. Also hear their dreams for Crosspoint’s future.


Watch the Colemans share the story of their family’s journey with Crosspoint. Listen to them describe how Crosspoint provided a place for them to exercise their gifts for ministry in new and exciting ways. Also, hear them describe the Crosspoint community as a place of rest for a family that had been worn out by churches before. Enjoy the story of this wonderful family.