The best way to describe the story of Crosspoint is through highlighting “defining moments.”  Each defining moment has helped mold this community of believers into a church dedicated to living life together and to missional living.


In January of 2003, Jerry Hendrix, the founding pastor of Crosspoint, began to share a vision for a new church with a few close friends of similar minds and passions. From the very beginning, the group asked, “Does Abilene need another church?”  The consensus was that people needed to be reached and discipled in a new way, but many were worried that a new Church in a town filled with churches was not the best course of action.

As talks continued, we realized that while there were a lot of churches in the area, they were, for the most part, the same.  We began to talk about the possibility of creating a church that embraced change and set out to be relevant for current and future generations.

As the discussions about a new church continued, prayerful consideration was given to what this church should look like.  We wanted to be purposeful by creating something new that fit the needs of this West Texas town while at the same time pursuing God’s Kingdom purposes. At this point, three primary icons were established that reflect Biblical purposes: open eyes, open hearts and open hands.  These icons would not only represent the purposes of our church, but they would also be the life blood of the ministries in which the church would participate and the staff members that would be appointed.


Our first Bible study was held in the home of Pastor on January 19th and twenty-five people attended.  From there, word spread and each week new people came to hear the story, purposes, and vision of our new community of faith. We grew quickly and it was apparent that the home Bible study needed a larger space to accommodate growth.


The need for a larger meeting space that also fit the spirit of our new church led to many location changes over the coming years. We have found ourselves meeting at Fairway Oaks Country Club, in a former video rental store on Rebecca Lane, and at the Abilene Civic Center. Tired of renting expensive spaces and having to set up and tear down before and after every meeting, the decision was in made August of 2006 to move into a church building residing on Chimney Rock Street located on the South side of Abilene.


Many important “defining moments” occurred during our time at Chimney Rock. The most notable development that occurred while meeting at Chimney Rock was the introduction the “Conversation Hour” to replace the old model of Sunday School. Topics of interest would be available for discussion people were free to choose which conversation to join. Instead of having a leader talk at a set age group filling out answers in a workbook, people were invited to join any group that sparked their interest and contribute to the conversation. Through this simple shift, unlikely friendships have been struck, voices have been empowered, and hearts have been inspired toward further learning.

It was also discovered that the people came and stayed at Crosspoint Fellowship were often in a time of transition within their lives. Laypersons frustrated with other church models, ministers needing respite from traditional church ministry, seminary students looking for a place to practice their vocational callings, and college students hoping to find a church home away from home kept showing up on our doorstep. We became ministers to ministers, families to children away from home, and inspiration to the disenfranchised. Crosspoint began to feel like a revolving door with seminary and undergraduate students graduating and ministers returning to full-time ministry. Even though, most of our members did not become life attendees of Crosspoint Fellowship, almost all still consider themselves satellite representatives of our family, visiting when they return to Abilene or when they get a Sunday off.

At Chimney Rock we finally found a place to call our own. We had a kitchen, a place for children, and a sanctuary. We put up decorations, left the sound system ready to be used again after every service, and had a meeting place to use during the week. In spite of all that this space provided our community, we constantly struggled to stay ahead of our finances and time commitments. Instead of being a place that allowed us the freedom to serve the community in which we resided, it tied down our time and finances in such a way that little energy and money could be distributed outside the church’s walls. When the building was sold by our landlord, we knew the time had come to find yet another home.


In 2009, after another short stay at the Abilene Civic Center, the people Crosspoint Fellowship found themselves meeting in Downtown Abilene at Monk’s Coffee Shop, a business owned by Lead Pastor Jerry. The move was supposed to be a temporary fix. After a few months, we came to the realization that Monks was the perfect fit for our little family. Our resources were no longer tied and our time was no longer over scheduled. We had the freedom to serve the downtown area with all that we had to give. Inspired by the “Advent Conspiracy” movement, the decision was made to remain at Monks for the foreseeable future, a decision that remains in effect today.

Our time at Monks has inspired many more defining moments. As we find ourselves in Abilene’s downtown district, we see things that have been abandoned: buildings, businesses, and people. We are now focused on ways we can help bring God’s restoring life to this abandoned place through our “Dwell Downtown” initiative. Our members are asked to live out missional lives focused on serving the Downtown community. Some pick up trash, others meet weekly with people living in the Downtown area, and all try to find reasons to participate in Downtown life by supporting the businesses and attending Downtown events.


Since 2003, Crosspoint has met at 6 different locations.  Moving out of the infancy/toddler phase and perhaps into the start of our adolescence, Crosspoint continues to grow.  What started as a place that only college students seemed to understand now has become a church for people of any age who are seeking conversation, community, and connection in their faith journeys.  Every week is exciting as we continue to seek being an authentic representation of Christ’s church in Abilene, Texas.  The dream has become reality and God continues to create more defining moments.  There is great joy in the journey.  There is more to come!